10 Scott Avenue

Paris, ON, N3L 3R1


Melissa Christiani Pollard
Executive Director/CEO

ext. #302

Business Development

Heather deJong
Community Engagement Coordinator

ext. #310

Service Delivery

Anna Reu
Director of Services

ext. #305

Jeanette Kara
Intake and Volunteer Training Coordinator

ext. #308

Nyla Morris
Program Assistant – Community


Karen Campbell
Program Manager – The Circle

ext. #303

Kelsey Croonen
Program Manager – ALLIES/Site Based

ext. #307

Leah Kellestine
Program Assistant – The Circle

ext. #306

Bekah Doughty
Program Assistant – ALLIES

ext. #311

Mahdiyyah Kasmani
Program Assistant – The Zone


Stephanie Brown
Youth Development Worker

— on leave —